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After securing admission to a German university, students have to apply for a student visa through the process described below.

Compile all necessary documents

You can find a list of all necessary documents on the website of the German Embassy in Ghana .  You are required to bring the original and 2 copies for each document to the visa interview, copies do not need to be certified. Afterwards, the originals will be returned to you. Furthermore, individuals that are yet to do their national service are well advised to bring a deferral note.

The applicant should ensure that all data is coherent throughout all documents. That includes names, date of birth, place of birth etc. If need be, conflicting names can be clarified with an affidavit.

In case degree certificates are missing at the time of the interview they can be substituted with a provisional transcript of records that shows that all modules have been completed.

Financial Requirements

There are three ways to meet the financial requirements necessary to obtain a student visa:


  • As a student who is on a scholarship provided by a German public institution that covers both, study expenses and living expenses (minimum 720 Euros a month), you meet the financial requirement. Your scholarship award letter must clearly state your scholarship benefits and the mode of disbursement.

Formal Obligation Agreement:

  • A sponsor who is a legal resident of Germany may enter into a formal obligation agreement on your behalf. In doing so, the sponsor agrees to cover for any potential expenses arising from the student being in Germany.  If the sponsor in Germany has sufficient financial means they can sign the agreement. It is important that the document says that the financial situation of the sponsor that enters the agreement is stated as “nachgewiesen” (verified). For more information on this, please refer to the study visa requirements  on the German Embassy’s website.  This signed original agreement must be produced at the visa interview.

Blocked Account:

  • The applicant opens a blocked account to secure upkeep in Germany and obtain a visa. The total amount that is required to be paid into this account is 8640.00 Euros. That money will then be made available to the students over the period of one year in margins of 720.00 Euros a month once in Germany.  The intention to open a blocked account must be made clear during the visa interview, the applicant is obliged to demonstrate how he/she intends to pay the money into the account. For that, the applicant has to provide sufficient proof of his/her financial means. This has to be done through bank statements that provide an overview over the account for the last three months. In general, all statements that provide insight into the finances can be added. Printouts from the internet or emails might not be accepted.  It is possible to enlist the help of one or multiple sponsors in order to provide the money necessary for the blocked account. These sponsors have to, again, provide proof of their financial means, their income and a sponsorship letter, stating their motivation for the sponsorship and outlining their financial situation. Any sponsor should be comfortably able to sponsor the prospective student.

The Visa Interview

Before you go for the visa interview it is in your best interest to visit the DAAD Ghana office to be briefed.

The appointment has to be made via the embassy’s online appointment tool. The processing time for the visa can be as long as eight weeks so appointments should be made well in advance. The current visa fee in Euros can be found on the embassy’s website. The fee can be paid cash in Ghana Cedis at the current exchange rate.

All documents indicated by the embassy and their respective copies must be taken to the interview. If the applicant is sponsored the sponsor must be present at the interview. The sponsor must produce proof of identity, sponsorship letter and bank statements, company registration if self-employed, income slips, or any official document to ascertain one’s financial standing, including copies.

During the interview the applicant has to demonstrate in-depth knowledge about the study course that is to be pursued. The applicant should also be familiar with the faculty and the university as well as individual modules of the study course. It is advisable to be able to make a direct connection from the previous studies to the aspired study course and outline a personal trajectory after the latter is completed. Furthermore, the applicant must demonstrate that he/she is acquainted with the sponsor if one is present.

The sponsor should also have an idea about the plans of the applicant and should be able to explain his/her personal relationship to the applicant. Family relations must be described exactly. Only siblings of the applicant’s parents or the spouses of the former should be introduced as uncles or aunts.

If told to pick up the visa, you are additionally asked to provide proof of an adequate travel health insurance valid for the duration of your entry visa (usually up to 6 months) as well your travel itinerary.


In case the visa application is denied, the applicant can appeal within four weeks from the date indicated in the letter of denial. For this purpose an appeal letter (“Remonstration”) must be written in German.

The note of denial will include the reasons for the decision. In the appeal, the reasons have to be, if possible, refuted and any issues must be clarified. In doing so, the applicant might be able to reach a second consideration of the application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do I have to provide proof of German language proficiency?

There is no need for a proof of proficiency of German for the visa if your study course is entirely taught in English. You will only need to show a proof of German if your course of study is partly or entirely taught in German.

2. What does Section 54 (2) 7 in conjunction with Section 53 of the Residence Act) refer to?

This is part of the long stay visa/nantional visa application form which requires that "In signing this document, the applicant certifies that, before submitting the application, he or she was informed of the legal consequences of refusing to provide data or furnishing false or incomplete information in the visa application process."

3. Does a sponsor need to be a blood relative?

A sponsor does not have to be a blood relative. Any person that has a reasonable interest in supporting the education of the applicant can do so e.g. friend, employer etc.

4. Do all sponsors have to be present at the visa interview?

In case of multiple sponsors, the main sponsor should accompany the applicant.

5. Can I be sponsored by a person that does not reside in Ghana?

This is generally possible. If you plan to be sponsored by a person that does not reside in Ghana or Germany, it is advisable if the person possesses economic ties to Germany. Also, the proof of residence in the respective country of the aspiring sponsor should be brought to the visa interview along with all other required documents from the sponsor.

6. Do I need to open the blocked account and pay the required amount before attending the visa interview?

No. You are advised to first attend the visa interview and submit all required financial documents to be assessed by the German embassy. The embassy will notify you when to open the blocked account with the minimum balance (currently 8,640 Euros). The embassy will also give you directions on how to open the blocked account.

Download: Student Visa Requirement (pdf, 273.42 KB)

Download: Student Visa Application Form (National Visa form) (pdf, 485.18 KB)

Download: Motivation of Sponsorship (for a Student visa applicant) - A Guide (pdf, 271.21 KB)


Please note that the information on these pages by the DAAD Information Centre Accra are based on best knowledge and practice.  The DAAD Information Center Accra, however, accepts no liability for the correctness of information. We advise you to answer all questions correctly and fill in all forms truthfully. There is however no guarantee that following the points above will make your visa application a success. For further requirements and procedures please refer to the pages of the German Embassy.