World Refugee Day - Interview with Saleh Najmundeen Ahmed (DAAD Scholar, University of Bayreuth)

© DAAD / Saleh Najmundeen Ahmed

In commemoration of the ‘World Refugee Day’ – 20th June 2024, the DAAD Ghana office had a short interview with our DAAD Scholar, Saleh Najmundeen Ahmed, a Ghana-based refugee who is now pursuing his graduate studies at the University of Bayreuth with the DAAD Leadership for Africa Scholarship.

© DAAD / Saleh Najmundeen Ahmed

I am Saleh Najmundeen Ahmed. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in African Verbal and Visual Arts Media and Literature at the University of Bayreuth, Germany.

How do you feel about being a ‘Leadership for Africa Scholarship’ awardee?
“I feel absolutely great about the ‘Leadership for Africa’ scholarship. It is top-notch, and I wish more people would take an interest in it and apply. It is indeed possible to be awarded this scholarship.”

What plans do you have after your studies?
“My future plans are to successfully complete my master’s degree and then target potential career opportunities with DW News Agency, the DAAD Leadership for Africa, and UNHCR. As a journalist or public relations professional, I aim to contribute to the world in general and specifically to the cause of refugees through these platforms.

Given an opportunity to speak on the ‘World Refugee Day’ and on world peace in general, what would you like to say?
“A refugee status is not a choice; it is a situation. Therefore, all my heart and thoughts are with my fellow refugees around the globe. No condition is permanent, and I pray that life will become better sooner rather than later.
I hope for a world where peace and understanding prevail, where everyone can live in harmony and security, free from the fear of conflict and displacement. Let us all work together towards a future where every individual can achieve their potential in a peaceful and supportive environment.”

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