DAAD Alumni Events

This page is offering an overview of DAAD Alumni meetings and conferences taking place in the Ghana. These events are solely managed by DAAD Alumni with financial support from the DAAD.

Upcoming Event(s)

The Power of Social Accountability in Combating Corruption and Enabling Efficient and Effective Public Service Delivery

Citizens have the right to demand accountability and public actors have an obligation to be accountable. This is however possible where the citizens are well-informed of and are privy to the concept of social accountability, which involves the broad range of actions and mechanisms that citizen can use to hold the state to account, as well as actions on the part of government, civil society, media and other societal actors that promote or facilitate these efforts. This workshop seeks to empower potential DAAD Alumni in Ghana, on the nuances and approaches to social accountability to advocate effective and efficient government responsiveness to public service delivery and contributing to the fight against corruption.

Venue: Forest Hotel, Dodowa, Ghana
Dates: 24-27 February, 2022
Prospective participants: DAAD alumni resident in Ghana.
Registration link
Covenor: Kwame Reagan (reagaustingmail.com)

Past events


Theme: Connecting Research to Practice: How DAAD Scholars Can Bridge the Gap between Theory and Practice
Date: January 27 – 30, 2022
Venue: Hephzibah Christian Centre, Aburi-Ghana

For further information, contact:
Nancy Kankam Kusi (Email: nancykankamgmail.com)

DAAD Helmut-Schmidt Master’s (PPGG) Programme Alumni Conference
Theme: Ten (10) years of the Helmut-Schmidt Master’s Programme: Promoting Effective Policy Response to the Governance Challenges in Ghana Through A Strengthened Alumni Network.

All DAAD Alumni are invited to participate. Register via this link.

For further information, contact:
Fortune Agbele-Yeboah PhD

8th to 11th September, 2021:
Theme: “Assessing the Impact of DAAD Alumni Events in Fostering Higher Learning and Promoting Development in Africa”
Vershiyi Deric

28th – 31st July:
Theme: “Africa needs a new strategy to create decent jobs and reduce inequality”
Sarah Acquah

23rd to 26th June, 2021:
Theme: ”Artificial intelligence: importance in modern agriculture development in Africa”
Fabrice Gbenonsi