Event Information

July 27, 2021, 4:00 PM to 5:15 PM

Goethe Institut - East Cantonments, Accra
Organiser: DAAD Ghana


The Freshmen Session is organized by the DAAD Information Center. It presents an opportunity for all prospective students to prepare for their study journey to Germany and to clarify open and final questions about study visa, arriving in Germany, student jobs in Germany, life in Germany among others.

What does ‘Feshmen Session’ offer?
The ‘Freshmen Session’ is an interactive presentation by representatives of the DAAD Information Center Accra as well as knowledge and experience sharing with invited DAAD alumni, Germany alumni and German students.

Every year, the DAAD Information Centre Accra offers for all prospective students who have gained admission to German University or who are waiting to gain admission the opportunity to prepare their travel to Germany.

With participating in this event you can:

  • get help with visa processes,
  • attain knowledge about registration procedures on your arrival in Germany,
  • get information about your options for finding accommodation
  • use the chance to get culturally acclimatized to student life in Germany,
  • meet German students and Germany alumni and ask them your questions and
  • network with other students also preparing to start their study journeys in Germany.