German colonial history is a rich field of research – both in Germany and, even more so, in the regions which it formerly colonized. A new programme aims to foster international and interdisciplinary cooperation and dialogue between different perspectives within this field.

In accordance with the coalition agreement of March 2018 and the measures proposed on 25 November 2020 by the German Cabinet Committee for the fight against racism and rightwing extremism, the Federal Foreign Office, with the support of the DAAD, is initiating the research programme “German Colonial Rule. Scholarship Programme for Cooperative Research.” Participating researchers are invited to focus in particular on the role and actions
of the Foreign Office as well as other German government institutions in the colonial territories.

Who can Apply
Applications are open to excellently qualified researchers aspiring to complete a doctorate on the history of German colonial rule and the role of German authorities and organizations.
Scholars from Africa and the Asia-Pacific region are particularly encouraged to apply. Applicants must have an above-average university degree that entitles them to enrol in a doctoral programme. Applicants should also have some basic knowledge of German, and should have graduated no longer than 6 years ago.

Download: German Colonial Rule-Scholarship Programme for Cooperative Research (pdf, 158.53 KB)

Download: GCR Programme_Host Institutions (pdf, 115.91 KB)