University Partnership in the field of German Studies

The involved partners are: Departments of German Studies of the University of Bayreuth, Université de Lomé, Université Abomey-Calavi, University of Education Winneba

Goals of the partnership:

  • foster Academic Exchange in the field of German Studies between Germany and the West-African region
  • increase quality of teaching and research
  • increase mobility for lecturers, researchers, and students
  • collaboration for curriculum development
  • joint exploration of job opportunities for German students
  • building and considating a strong support network

Current state of the partnership:

The UEW German Unit proposed to join the DAAD-funded partnership in 2018, the proposal was accepted and the funds increased accordingly. The staff of the unit took part in one conference and one workshop in Benin and Togo. Currently, two guest lecturers from Togo and Benin are visiting Winneba whilst one lecturer from Winneba is in Bayreuth for a 10-day research and teaching stay. One student from UEW (Ajumako Campus) has been selected for a semester abroad at the University of Bayreuth.

To consolidate the network built through the partnership so far, the consortium led by the University of Bayreuth has handed in extensive application documents for the extension of the funding period from 2020 until 2023. We are currently waiting for the decision of the selection committee.

The workshop of the GIP was held at UEW on the 25th-29th of November 2019. The main focus laid on the exchange of research topics of the staff and researchers from all partner universities. In addition, the programme put a focus on the didactics of teaching German in a university context (workshop by Prof Yomb May from the University of Bayreuth).