A student is learning in the library.

We would like to inform you about the call for applications for the two new course offerings „DIES/CREST Online Training Course for Supervisors of Doctoral Candidates at African Universities“.

The course has been offered by Stellenbosch University since 2018, in the frame of the DAAD and HRK programme „Dialogue on Innovative Higher Education Strategies“ (DIES).

The fully online course offers a flexible study opportunity to academic staff members from all African universities, particularly novice doctoral supervisors, who are interested to advance their knowledge, skills and networks in doctoral supervision.
The course runs over a period of eight weeks and is designed as a pure online training.

In 2020, the course will be offered twice:

  1. First offering: 11 May to 10 July 2020, followed by a practical assignment due on 7 August 2020;
  2. Second offering: 10 August to 09 October 2020, followed by a practical assignment due on 09 November 2020.

The closing date for applications for the first offering is 3 February 2020, the closing date for applications for the second offering is 2 May 2020.

Further information on the call for applications can be found via the following link.

If you have any questions, please contact Rolene Langford at Stellenbosch University via rlm@sun.ac.za.