Contemporary Healthcare Issues in Sub-Saharan Africa: Social, Economic and Cultural Perspectives

Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has been beset with poor health for years with its health status being lower than the aggregate levels for most less developed regions of the world. The region’s health sector is confronted with myriad of problems including shortage of health workers and poor health infrastructure. Also, child and maternal mortality rates are high while life expectancy at birth remains low. The health challenges in SSA are further aggravated by the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, malaria and civil conflicts, culminating in erratic economic performances over the years. Most people in the region have limited access to healthcare with residents in the rural areas, in particular, relying substantially on traditional and alternative medicines

This upcoming DAAD Alumni Workshop in Accra seeks to contribute to the discourse on how to improve healthcare delivery in sub-Saharan Africa through the presentation of cutting edge research findings that have far reaching policy implications. By harnessing the expertise of DAAD/German alumni, the workshop seeks to inform health policy on the continent as a whole and in their respective countries through the dissemination of research findings.

DAAD/German alumni in the sub-region with varying expertise in health policy and planning, health and medical economics, anthropology, development economics, health econometrics, reproductive health, maternal and child health and health technology inter alia are well positioned to contribute to the discourse on helping accelerate health progress and the attainment of agenda 2030 on the African continent.  It is against this backdrop, that a predominantly south-south cooperation in tackling the health challenges on the continent from economic, social and cultural perspective is being advanced in the Accra workshop.

Aiming to develop and strengthen the networks among alumni on the continent and promote peer learning and cross fertilization of ideas, the workshop also promotes north-south cooperation. Therefore selected researchers working in German Universities will participate and present papers.

The workshop will further strengthen opportunities for joint grant proposal writing in the nearest future as well as co-authorship of scientific publications among alumni.

All African DAAD Alumni of any German University and all DAAD in country/in region scholars, who are currently living in Africa and working, teaching or researching on contemporary health issues as well as in other related fields are invited to submit papers.

Abstract of papers should be sent to Prof. Edward Nketiah-Amponsah ( or and Dr. Gloria Afful-Mensah ( Deadline: October 30, 2019.

Download: Call for papers - Workshop on Contemporary Healthcare Issues in Sub-Saharan Africa: Social, Economic and Cultural Perspectives (pdf, 324.70 KB)