Dear reader,

sometimes, opportunities will be found in unexpected places. Sometimes they will be found exactly where you expect them. Either way, you need to recognise and grab them to as long as they last.

One person who grabbed the opportunity to gather valuable experience in International Cooperation is our new intern Berit Reich. As a volunteer funded through the UNESCO exchange programme “kulturweit” (Link), she will be a part of our team for the next 6 months. She has recently graduated from a German university so don’t miss your chance to book an appointment with us and get insights into the German Higher Education system during a consultation.

The following months are also bringing a lot of opportunities for international experience and professional growth your way; with deadlines coming up for many DAAD scholarship programmes. Please have a look at recently published calls for the DIES programme for university managers (Link), the DAAD-RISE programme:- an opportunity to offer internships to young German students at your institutions  (Link), German language course scholarships (Link), doctoral research grants (link) as well as the brand-new programme for African researchers and alumni in the field of climate change (link). And don’t forget to check the DAAD funding guide for more scholarship offers (link).
Maybe, your own opportunity is waiting to be grabbed right there, so do no let it pass.

Enjoy reading!

Lena Leumer
Director, DAAD Information Centre Accra