“Africa in Transition – changing (with) the German language” – to discuss topics around this, 26 DAAD lecturers from countries in Easter, Southern, Western, and Central Africa as well as colleagues from the DAAD headquarters in Bonn met in Addis Ababa from 20th till 25th May.

The meeting presented a rare and precious opportunity to exchange knowledge on teaching German and other subjects at African universities and representing the DAAD and German universities abroad. As diverse as the countries represented are, DAAD lecturers often encounter similar challenges and the regional meetings give them the chance to reflect and exchange strategies. They also get to share best practices in their work at the respective universities and exciting projects that they have collaborated on. Site visits to the African Union headquarter an UN High Commission for Refugees to discuss past and future areas of cooperation completed the successful event.
In her function as DAAD lecturer for German at the UEW, Lena Leumer, who also heads the DAAD Information Centre represented Ghana at the meeting and returned with new inspirations.