In a bid to promote international scientific cooperation, supporting future leaders who are in a position to contribute to solving global challenges, the DAAD offers alumni/former scholars the opportunity to organize events that contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Between January and May, 2019 the DAAD has supported 3 events.  The DAAD Information Centre Accra is also hosting a DAAD Alumni event for up-to 120 participants by the end of June.

Find below an overview of the events between January and May, 2019:

Alumni Workshop in February, 2019: Controlling post-harvest losses towards achieving food security

Group photo of the planning committee; Alumni Workshop on “Controlling post-harvest losses towards achieving food security”

The DAAD alumni workshop with the theme “role of postharvest technology in alleviating poverty and ensuring food security” was held in Kumasi from  14th – 17th February 2019.  Information on modern technology to deal with postharvest pests through radiation applications showed the participants new paths in the fight against insect disease.  They also learned about pesticide abuse in vegetable production, rules, requirement and hazards it causes to the environment as well as its mammalian toxicity. Other topics of the workshop were in the use of stable isotopes in entomology for insect monitoring and forecasting and seasonal availability of insects as well as their peak periods. The workshop was regarded as a success by participating scientist.

Alumni Workshop in April, 2019: Controlling post-harvest losses towards achieving food security

Group Photo: Workshop on “Bedbug Infestation detection and effective control”

The workshop was held from 3rd to 6th April, 2019 at Summit Lodge Hotel in Koforidua-Ghana. Almost 30 people, largely DAAD Alumni took participated in the 3 day event.
The workshop was chaired by Dr. Fred Aboagye-Antwi of the Department of Animal Biology and Conservation Science and officially opened by Ms. Eva Duoduaa Ofori the organizer of the workshop and a DAAD Alumna (In-Country scholarship programme of the African Regional Postgraduate Programme in Insect Science at the University of Ghana).
Workshop sessions included the basic biology of bedbugs, the worldwide burden of bedbugs, as well as its burden in Africa and Ghana among others. The workshop also offered a practical session on skills and tools required for bed bug identification.
There was also a panel discussion with participation from the Fumigation Service Ghana manager, stakeholders from various schools to address the current state of infestation in residents and educational institutions, and current approaches employed in the control of bedbugs.

Alumni Workshop in April, 2019: Controlling post-harvest losses towards achieving food security

Site visit during the Alumni Workshop: ‘Floriculture as a means to alleviate poverty and unemployment’

The DAAD alumni workshop on ‘Floriculture as a means to alleviate poverty and unemployment’, was held on the 22-25 of May 2019 at Forest Hotel Dodowa. The workshop hosted up to 38 participant from across West and Central Africa, including Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Central Africa Republic. Discussions and presentations were on several topics on floriculture bringing to lamplight the potential of floriculture as a small and large scale business.
This sparked several discussions with a number of alumni expressing interest in floriculture and some floriculturist anticipating on extending and outscaling their business. The workshop ended with a visit to MDK Flowers and Greens located at Dawhenya (a suburb in Greater Accra region) to see and learn how the business of floriculture is done.

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