Navigating women’s careers: capacity-building workshop for female scientists and Higher Education managers in cooperation with the Koforidua Technical University

In many West African countries, the access to higher education and science is still limited and inequitably distributed. Women’s careers are impacted by this in a negative way and fewer women occupy management and leadership positions in Higher Education Institutions. Funded through the BMZ-financed programme DIES (Dialogue on Higher Education Strategies, the DAAD information centre in Accra organised a workshop on “Navigating Women’s Careers in Higher Education” to help tackle these issues. From 10th April to 12th April 2019, ninety women from Ghanaian and West African Higher Education Institutions met in Koforidua to exchange expertise and good practices and discuss the future of women in academia in the region.

The workshop offered women in Higher Education positions the opportunity to meet and interact with other women in academia during a fish bowl discussion and different workshops and trainings. It enabled women and mentors across universities, research and related institutions to share personal experiences on topics such as overcoming obstacles, achieving leadership roles and improving research opportunities. It was an inspiring workshop with an impressive line-up of speakers and participants and insightful discussions.